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Built with Qt

LG’s innovative technologies, unique products, and cutting edge designs are built with Qt.

LG has a diverse product portfolio and is one of the world’s leading producers with products spanning from flat screen TVs, mobile devices, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators to automotive infotainment systems. Qt has been an integral part of LG ever since they acquired WebOS, initially developed by Palm Inc. — who were using Qt to develop the Palm Pilot, and LG has extended the use of Qt to a wide range of current products and upcoming innovations.

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LG’s webOS platform is a Linux kernel based multitasking operating system for devices including smart TVs and wearables such as smart watches. It now utilizes a number of web applications that run in the Qt WebEngine, based on Chromium – delivering both high performance and high quality with an extremely responsive and visually appealing UI. Using Qt also helps to simplify optimization of web app performance allowing them to reduce development time drastically. No wonder they are selling millions of TVs around the world.

  • "LG is not only using Qt for TVs, but for various other products and in various capacities. Not just on the UI level, but also in control software and many other areas. Qt is an integral part of LG and we hope to continue that relationship. "

    - Anupam Kaul, Senior Manager from LG Silicon Valley Labs Group

  • "When we evaluated different technologies, we looked at Wayland and we looked at Qt Wayland. What was amazing was that there was already a body of work done by the Qt community. I was able to tap into that community – not just the code, but the resources and partnerships and that really helped us - had that open source community not been there, it would have taken us much longer time to deliver. "

    - Anupam Kaul, Senior Manager from LG Silicon Valley Labs Group


Continuous innovation - VR & AR

The Silicon Valley Labs group, which is leading the commercial product releases for LG are also focusing on creating innovation with all the new and upcoming technology within artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality and Qt will be an essential building block to accelerate their innovation.

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