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Software Engineer, Automotive

Oulu, Finland

Want to be surrounded by a team of worldwide experts, have the opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge about all aspects of software development? This is your place!

About the Role

The Qt Company’s engineers work on the Qt framework, which enables our customers to create applications that run smoothly on many different platforms, from embedded boards to desktop and mobile. In your daily work environment you will be surrounded by a team of worldwide experts, and you will have the opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge about all aspects of software development.

In this role you will be focusing on making Qt work great on embedded environment. You need to be familiar with the challenges and constraints that embedded environment brings and be able to find solutions to those challenges. In more detail you will be focusing on embedded software in automotive use case. Finding out and implementing the specific requirements of IVI’s, instrument clusters and HUD’s.

The future is written with Qt and we would like you to be part of it!

Your qualifications

  • Have suitable education, e.g. MSc in sw engineering
  • Excellent C++ programming skills
  • Have experience with resource-constrained devices in the embedded or mobile space
  • Know your way around in Linux on desktop and embedded
  • Are curious and creative by nature
  • Understand the challenges of embedded software development
  • Strong spoken and written communication skill in english
  • Can work closely with other parts of the organization, and with the Qt community
  • Are comfortable working with publicly available code and material
  • Words like Yocto, U-Boot, bootloader, RTOS, JTAG, CAN, HUD, IVI, HMI, FlexCAN are familiar to you

Other Advantages:

  • Experience with 2D/3D graphics on embedded devices is a plus
  • Experience with inter processor communication is a plus
  • Experience with hypervisors is a plus
  • Participation in Open Source projects is a plus
  • You already enjoy programming with Qt
  • Deep understanding of Linux internals, kernel configuration, device drivers
  • Understanding of device boot process, bootloaders, kernel loading, application startup processes

What we are offering?

  •   A change to work with highly talented embedded software engineers
  •   A family friendly, diverse, sociable workplace where learning is valued
  •   Flexible hours, that focus on work/life balance

And also a highly international work place with uniquely skilled people from all around the world. Our culture embraces openness, learning, encouragement and having fun. The Qt Company operates in China, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia and USA. To learn more please visit


Oulu, Finland


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