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Qt in Use

Qt powers the future of visual collaborative workspaces

Effective collaboration during complex creative team projects is an unrivalled challenge that can see countless emails or update notifications crossing paths, often causing confusion and issues with version control.

To overcome these challenges, Bluescape set out to develop a platform that would help business service operators and advertisers develop creative concepts interactively, in real-time, across multiple devices and geographies. The company wanted to ensure that concepts could be shared internally and with clients for rapid ideation, iteration and implementation across a number of different platforms.

“Qt was a natural fit for this project and accelerated development right out of the gate, we plugged it in and were ready to go in just a couple of days”

Demian Entrekin
CTO, Bluescape


A first iteration of the cloud-based software platform was written for a multi-touch graphic wall. According to Demian Entrekin, CTO of Bluescape, the team found the first development environment they used did not provide enough flexibility or headroom so the company started looking for alternatives.

When Entrekin discovered Qt, he realised he had found the only platform that would provide high-performance native support for the multi-touch wall.

Using Qt

With the help of The Qt Company services group, the Bluescape team quickly built tools and objects that users could interact with in real time. The collaborative wall features an unprecedented amount of workspace that spans 160 acres – more than 145 football pitches. It also enables multidirectional voice and video and event tracking, making it ideal for customer presentations, strategic planning, rapid ideation, client approval, creative execution, media planning/buying and risk analysis.

“There are three key advantages to using Qt, the first is speed, which becomes a big money saver and the second advantage, and the third is reliability – and this reliability has helped us minimise the risk during the development of such a complex platform.”

Entrekin explained that one of the advantages of working with The Qt Company consulting group was the amount of insight and understanding about the platforms development pipeline, so the team could stay on top of new technologies and features as well as being able to provide feedback and requests in a real two-way conversation.

“One of the biggest surprises for me about using Qt is that there were no surprises – it really delivered what we wanted it to deliver, and then more,” said Entrekin.

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