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Qt in Use

The Qt-Powered Future of Enterprise E-Mail

Hiri is a Dublin-based start-up creating the next generation e-mail client for enterprise customers. The philosophy behind Hiri is to tackle the root causes of e-mail overload by nudging users into best practices and making them unconsciously competent communicators.

It’s the only e-mail client specifically designed to reduce the amount of time people in large companies spend using e-mail and helping them become better communicators.

Qt and its declarative UI technology, Qt Quick, is at the core of enabling Hiri to provide a fresh and modern desktop user experience with rich interaction for intuitive usability.

One Codebase. Less Maintenance.

“Using Qt and QML allows us to dramatically cut our development time and costs. All of our engineers work on one codebase rather than needing specialists for each platform.”

– Kevin Kavanagh, CEO, Hiri

In addition to rich UI capabilities, using Qt allows Hiri to target all major desktop platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac OS X – with one technology. When Hiri takes the next step, expanding their product offering into mobile, they can re-use the same Qt technology and codebase for their mobile e-mail client on Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices.

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