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Anaheim, CA, USA

Date: Sunday, July 24, 2016 – Thursday, July 28, 2016

Location: Anaheim Convention Center

Thank you for joining The Qt Company at the 43rd SIGGRAPH Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, featuring the world’s most prestigious forum for computer graphics research, creative adventures in digital media, immersive realities, emerging interactive technologies, advanced mobile systems, and hands-on opportunities for creative collaboration.


Relive Qt at SIGGRAPH 2016:

View Talk: “Qt 3D – A Data-Driven Renderer for Mortals” by KDAB on Monday, July 25 at 14:00-15:30 in Room 304 AB

Qt 3D is a soft real-time simulation framework that provides visualization via a data-driven renderer. It is easy to integrate into your own code base to make adding 3D content to your content creation, engineering, simulation, or business applications as simple as possible.


Qt 2/3D Data Visualization

Combines user interaction & real time 3D drawing to enable data visualization user interfaces (UI) that are efficient in UI space consumption.  One can create customizable 3D/2D data visualizations for rapidly updating dynamic data and amazing UX.

• Provides 3D Bars, Scatter and Surface visualizations
• Changing between 3D & 2D presentation truly utilizes the value of 3D in visualizing data
• Easy to use APIs, combined with modern UI & efficient space consumption
• Interactive data: rotate, zoom, & highlight data using mouse or touch
• Fluid, efficient & modern UX/UI with customizable themes
• Great for analytical industries like oil & gas, medical, industrial automation, government, disaster recovery etc. Qt for Device Creation



Advanced Desktop 3D Printer, Formlabs

Connected 3D printer powered by Qt for Device Creation & Application Development 

• Extensive use of Qt libraries for desktop application logic
• 2D user interface layer on top of an OpenGL view for 3D data visualization
• Rapid UI development with Qt Quick & time savings with cross-platform code reuse


Autodesk Maya 2017 on Qt 5.6

• Successful transition from Qt 4 to Qt 5
• Highly customized, cross-platform UI based on Qt Widgets
• Cross-platform UI & UX, and more on Windows, Mac and Linux


Qt Quick on Direct3D 12

Starting from Qt 5.8, you’ll be able to leverage modern graphics API by running your Qt Quick applications on a Direct3D 12 based scene graph renderer. This brings the benefits of Direct3D 12 into Qt applications and paves the way to similar backends on other platforms.

• Reduces application CPU usage.
• Better integration with Windows 10.
• Entirely transparent for most Qt Quick applications



Animated Dodge Viper model with efficient real-time simulation and 3D clipping

• Nvidia tegra K1 (ARMv7 CPU)
• Qt 5.6, Qt 3D and QML API to create high quality animated 3D visualization
• Featuring custom shaders to implement a metal-roughness physics based rendering (PBR).
• Realistic simulation of light interactions with real world materials
• 3D interface using Qt Quick & Qt 3D content for efficient screen real estate
• Showing an exploded view and animating various sub-meshes
• Real-time clipping technique to cut 3 planes and using OpenGL fragment shader
• One source code for embedded & desktop



Qt for Device Creation

Fully pre-configured software stack for rapid prototyping on hardware

• Immediate set up for your embedded toolchain with Qt for Device Creation
• Runs embedded Linux on reference hardware, with & without GPU: Freescale SABRE i.MX6 Quad, Toradex Colibri VF61/50 Apalis i.MX6, BeagleBone Black, Raspberry Pi, & more
• Enables sensors, 2D & 3D data visualization, HTML5 browser engine, full set of pre-made controls for productivity shortcuts
• Virtual keyboard, pre-made controls for fastestest time-to-market
• Leverages OpenGLfor hardware acceleration & running 60 fps
• Modern UX with world class performance using Qt Creator Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
• Watch Speeding Up Embedded Development



Qt for Eyetracking, TMS Mini by Eyetech

Smart eye tracking technology powering assistive technology for disabled, security, automotive, safety, digital signage, consumer products, medical and research systems.

• Multi-OS support focus on rich UI and easy customizations and appealing UI
• Plug and play system with motion detecting interface and gaming

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