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Identify the right license for your project

Qt is available under different licensing options: commercial, GPL, LGPLv3. To read more about the Qt licensing in general please see our licensing overview and the licensing FAQ.

License types LGPLV3 GPLV2/GPLV3 Commercial licensing
Price Free Free Starting from $459/month
Rights & Services
Community Support
Official Qt Support Helpdesk ✓ **
Keep your application private
Possible to keep your application private with dynamic linking
No need to provide a relinking mechanism for Qt libraries (can always use static linking)
No need to provide a copy of the license and explicitly acknowledge the use of Qt
No need to make a copy of the Qt source code available for customers
Full rights to proprietary Qt source code modifications
Enforce DRM See (L)GPLv3 FAQ See (L)GPLv3 FAQ
Enforce software patents See (L)GPLv3 FAQ See (L)GPLv3 FAQ
Can create closed consumer devices
Qt Essentials
General Qt Add-on modules
Qt Charts
Qt Data Visualization
Qt Creator IDE with general functionality ✓ *
Documentation tools ✓ *
Internalization tools ✓ *
Qt Quick Designer ✓ *
Qt Quick Profiler ✓ *
Qt Quick enhancements for Visual Studio ✓ *
Qt Quick 2D Renderer, use Qt Quick without OpenGL ✓ *
Qt Quick Compiler build tool ✓*** ✓*** ✓***
Embedded Tooling & Solutions - Qt for Device Creation
Qt Virtual Keyboard
Direct on-device debugging
One-click deployment to embedded targets
Pre-built embedded Linux image (Boot to Qt)
Yocto Project recipes for customizing the pre-built image

* Tooling is licensed under GPLv3 license but can use for development with LGPLv3 without modifying the tools, or modifications need to be published.

** Support not included for the Start-up licensing tier.

*** For Qt versions 5.10 and earlier this is commercial only.

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