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The Qt Company is responsible for Qt development,
productization and licensing under commercial and
open-source licenses. Qt is a C++ based framework of
libraries and tools that enables the development of powerful,
interactive and cross-platform applications and devices.

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Our Story

A conversation. That’s all it took.

An honest, open and frank discussion between two young developers – Haavard and Eirik – on a park bench in the rare sunshine of a Norwegian summer’s day. The problem was the user interface of an ultrasound machine, the need was for a single system that worked across multiple platforms. And their solution would eventually power millions of devices and applications all over the world.

As two developers were joined by thousands more, the conversation shifted, a playing field dominated by a few big players began to level out and truly game-changing ideas started getting their day in the sun too. From your favourite apps on all of your devices to groundbreaking cars and the deep depths of space, Qt is there connecting a world of innovation by making sure we speak the same language.

Now, after a journey of more than 20 years, we’re talking about more than just a platform for developers, we’re talking about building a community of collaborators who are all striving toward meaningful change in their own industries – and far beyond. Because finally, companies who truly value technology have the power to use software to stand out from the crowd and a whole new generation of innovators who believe in independence, transparency and privacy have the tools to create a better connected world.

And we think that’s a conversation worth having.