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The VNC Automotive Solution is an OEM package for use by organisations developing and enhancing their products and services, by including VNC remote control and monitoring capabilities for automotive use. It is packaged as a Software Development Kit (SDK) including access to APIs, libraries, runtime VNC Server and VNC Viewer components.

RealVNC is advocates of open standards, having published the VNC protocol, a core component of the MirrorLink® standard, over ten years ago.  RealVNC also readily embraces complementary standards such as Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto and Baidu CarLife, and have created own VNC Automotive™ standards: VNC Telematics™ and VNC Enhanced™.

RealVNC develops and maintains an integration of automotive solution offering for the automotive market with The Qt Company’s offering for the automotive market so the two offerings can be tightly integrated together.

Partner Type: Automotive
Partner Tier: Partner
Geo Location: Europe