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20 Years of Qt Code

On 20th May 1995, Qt had its 1st public release ever.

The Qt Inception

“In the summer of 1990, Haavard [Nord] and Eirik [Chambe-Eng] were working together on a C++ database application for ultrasound images. The system needed to be able to run with a GUI on Unix, Macintosh, and Windows. One day that summer, Haavard and Eirik went outside to enjoy the sunshine, and as they sat on a park bench, Haavard said, “We need an object-oriented display system.” The resulting discussion laid the intellectual foundation for the object-oriented cross-platform GUI framework they would soon go on to build.”*

*Source: Blanchette, J & Summerfield, M. (2006). C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4. Prentice Hall.

Happy 20th Anniversary Qt

A few members of the Qt ecosystem got together to send their congratulations to Qt and its community. Now it’s your turn! Be part of the celebration and join us on social media to share your history with Qt:

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Logo evolution

The Qt framework has surely improved over the years. Dare we say that the Qt logo has, too?

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