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Things Just Got Better
More Platforms & Features

We believe that to execute successful multi-screen and Internet of Things strategies you need a cross-platform framework that reaches all major desktop, embedded and mobile platforms, while also giving your customers an incomparable user experience.

You can use Qt to easily create connected devices and applications with beautiful UIs, native C++ performance and integrated cloud services. Qt 5.4 makes this even easier by bringing you a more powerful web offering, the final port of Qt for WinRT and features improvements everywhere.

Powerful Web Offering
Best of Both Worlds

Qt WebEngine
Chromium-Based Browser Engine

With the importance of HTML5 growing, we want to provide you the ultimate support for hybrid application development by giving you access to the entire web platform. On desktop and embedded platforms, we introduce full support for our Chromium-based Qt WebEngine.

  • Convenient integration for both Qt Widgets and Qt Quick
  • Ability to mix and overlay web content and OpenGL shaders with custom Qt Quick UIs



Native and Web
Integrate Web Content

For mobile platforms, you can use the new Qt WebView to integrate web content using the native OS browser engine.

NOTE: Qt 5.4 is the last release that will include WebKit support. In our subsequent release, it will be deprecated and therefore, we advise that already now, all new projects that need web capabilities, are developed with Qt WebEngine.

Qt WebEngine integrates fully into the Qt graphics stack allowing you to easily overlay native Qt UI and apply Qt Graphics Effects or OpenGL Shaders into the web content.

Better Qt Apps.
More Qt Apps.

With Qt, your users can access your apps on all their devices.
You can create Qt cross-platform consumer apps, go mobile with your desktop application, or create a mobile client for your embedded device.


Outstanding Graphics

*Product is based on a published Khronos WebGL Specification but it has not been submitted to the Khronos Conformance Testing Process.

Qt Quick rendered into OpenGL surface

Beauty & Functionality
Creating Connected Devices

Qt 5.4 significantly boosts embedded development

Rely on the power of Qt to build great looking and highly performant devices:

  • C++ libraries for front-end and back-end functionality
  • Full embedded tool chain
  • Pre-built software stack, Boot to Qt, for instant prototyping
  • Value-add components

Read more about device creation with Qt ›

Qt 5.4 brings even more beauty and functionality

  • New professionally designed Qt Quick Controls style, Flat Light
  • Qt Quick now runs on non-GPU low-end devices – Qt Quick 2D Renderer plugin runs Qt Quick graphics without OpenGL
  • Qt Quick Compiler 2.0 builds dynamic Qt Quick QML files into native code reducing your device boot-up-time and securing against reverse engineering
  • Qt Virtual Keyboard now supports even more default language layouts
  • Preview of Bluetooth Low Energy support within the Qt Bluetooth API to communicate with e.g. smart sensors and wearables


Qt Creator 3.3

Qt Quick Designer

Qt ships with the Qt Creator IDE, which is a full cross-platform development environment for Qt applications giving you seamless workflow from UI design and code development to direct device deployment and on-device debugging and profiling.

Qt Creator 3.3 introduces an improved Qt Quick Designer that gives you an integrated drag’n’drop UI layout editor for Qt Quick UIs. The UI logic is separated from the UI layout making the workflow easier by separating generated code from written code.

Read more about Qt Creator 3.3 in the Qt Blog ›


Qt 5.4 licensing

Qt 5.4 is available under a commercial license, as well as open source LGPL v2.1, GPL v2 and introduces the LGPL v3, with some features only available under a commercial license and the GPL v2 and/or LGPL v3.

The addition of the LGPL v3 protects 3rd party developers’ freedom. It also enables The Qt Company to introduce more value-add components for the whole Qt ecosystem without making compromises on the business side.

Commercial Licensing Plans

  • Enterprise – Annual/Perpetual – Full-featured Qt for application and embedded device creation and deployment
  • Professional – Monthly/Term – Full-featured Qt for application development with multi-screen deployment
  • Indie Mobile – Monthly/Term – Standard Qt features, plus Qt Purchasing API, for mobile development and app store deployment

To download a free 30-day trial of full-featured Qt or to determine the plan that best suits your needs see:

Summary of
New Features in Qt 5.4

  • Chromium-based browser engine Qt WebEngine *
  • Qt WebView for showing web content using the native OS web engine on mobile *
  • Full support on Qt for Windows Store Apps, including WinRT and Windows Phone 8.1
  • Improved Compliance with iOS 8 and Xcode 6
  • Improved OS X 10.10 ‘Yosemite’ support and new Mac AppStore signing
  • High-DPI support for Windows and OS X
  • Dynamic GL switching between OpenGL and ANGLE on Windows
  • Mix OpenGL and Qt Quick with QOpenGLWidget
  • Android Look-and-Feel for Qt Quick Controls **
  • New professionally-designed ‘Flat Light’ style for all Qt Quick Controls ***
  • Qt Creator 3.3 with new Qt Quick Designer
  • Bluetooth now supports BlueZ5 with tech preview on Bluetooth LE
  • Qt Quick 2D Renderer for running Qt Quick 2 without OpenGL ***
  • Qt Canvas 3D for rendering WebGL within Qt Quick *
  • Improved Qt Quick Compiler 2.0 ***
  • Updated Qt Data Visualization to 1.2.0 ***
  • Qt Charts 2.0 ***

* Available only under commercial Qt license or under GPLv2 and LGPL v3
** Available only under commercial Qt license or LGPL v3
*** Available only under commercial Qt license

Things just got better. Download Qt 5.4