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Build Your World with Qt

Qt 5.5 brings you more solutions for even faster development workflows, a more powerful UI creation offering for keeping pace with market demands in multimedia and 3D user experiences, preliminary support for upcoming Windows 10 development, and more for connectivity. Plus, of course, improvements across the whole Qt framework.

All of this enhances the Qt cross-platform offering and the value it brings to executing successful desktop, multi-screen and connected device strategies with fast time-to-market without sacrifice to your user experience.

Qt Cinematic Experience 3D shows Qt 5.5. with the new Qt 3D technology preview, integrating Qt Multimedia features into a 3D user interface.

Meet the Qt Creator IDE

Ahead of the Rest

With Qt 5.5 our cross-platform libraries and professional tooling enables more code and UI design productivity than ever, in particular thanks to our updated integrated developer environment solution, Qt Creator 3.4.

Qt Creator is a modern IDE providing comprehensive tooling for cross-platform application development and device creation. Take a look at the workflow and features from this video.

Learn more in the release blog posts: Qt Creator 3.4

Modern UX. Branded UI.

Qt 5.5 helps you keep pace with market demands for user interface creation by bringing you everything you need to create the best possible user experiences for your end users.

3D Solutions

Qt provides the means to integrate & interact with 3D graphics in your UI and now we are making it even easier. In addition to OpenGL integration, we are introducing additional 3D solutions, the Qt Canvas 3D module & a tech preview of Qt 3D module.

Check out the 3D Planets Example


Learn more – Qt Blog ›

Browser Engine

For hybrid UI development integrating dynamic HTML5 web services and content into your UI, Qt 5.5 gives you the powerful Qt WebEngine. It is a fully-supported cross-platform browser engine, based on Google Chrome open-source project, Chromium.
Qt WebEngine browserQt WebEngine running on Freescale i.MX6


Learn more – Qt Documentation ›

Multimedia Integration

Qt 5.5 adds more convenience and power to the efficient handling of real-time camera or video processing. The Qt Multimedia module has received improvements that make it easier for integrating this technology into your Qt user interface.

On this short road trip, watch how Qt Multimedia with real-time video/camera integrates with the computer vision library (OpenCV) to create a real-time pattern recognition application that identifies speed signs along the road.

Learn more – Qt Documentation ›

Qt3D Demo Game

Qt Technology Partner, V-Play Game Engine, already created a tech demo of what’s possible with Qt3D. This is what they had to say about their experience:

“Mixing 3D content with 2D elements has never been easier & faster in any programming language!”

Learn more about how V-Play created this 3D game using the Qt 3D library and get the full source code of the 3D game for free.

3D Car Challenge - Tech Demo 3D Car Challenge - Tech Demo 3D Car Challenge - Tech Demo

3D Car Game Challenge (tech demo)

Connect Your World

For your Internet of Things and connected device strategy, Qt 5.5 offers:


Full support for Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) allowing you to easily write cross-platform code for communicating to your smart sensors, wearables or other BLE peripherals.


All you need for seamlessly integrating maps, reverse geocoding and navigation into your Qt applications with Qt Location. Be sure to check out the example apps, too.

Your Product on All Screens

At the heart of the Qt promise is the ability to have just one code base that can be reused across different operating systems & device types making Qt a future-proof strategic choice for your product development. With that being said, Qt 5.5 is ready for the upcoming Windows 10 release. We have been using Windows 10 pre-releases in development and will add support for Windows 10 with a Qt 5.5.x patch release once Windows 10 is available.

Learn more about the Windows 10 port ›

Ultimate Performance,
Reliability & Stability

With Qt 5.5 we have put a lot of effort into ensuring even better standards of quality for the Qt framework. We’ve improved feature-parity between our target platforms and enhanced a lot of the core components based on the feedback we’ve received from our customers. Qt 5.5 is a solid and supported foundation for building long-lasting software projects.

New Features in Qt 5.5

  • Improvements and enhancements to all major Qt modules, on all platforms
  • All Windows builds are now automatically dynamic regarding OpenGL vs. ANGLE backends, no need to manually configure deployment anymore!
  • Qt Bluetooth includes full support for Bluetooth Low Energy and is supported on Linux, Embedded Linux, Android, iOS
  • Qt Canvas 3D module fully supported
  • Qt 3D 2.0 introduced as technology preview
  • Qt Location technology preview lets you integrate maps, geocoding, routing and places into your application. The included mapping backends are:  Nokia HERE, OpenStreetMap and MapBox
  • Qt Multimedia has support for GStreamer 1.0 enhancing the multimedia capabilities on Linux based systems. Also integration of video/camera to Qt Quick graphics is now easy.
  • Qt WebEngine has been updated to Chromium version 40 and the public APIs have been extended, for instance with full integration to Qt WebChannelQt WebEngine has been updated to Chromium version 40 and the public APIs have been extended, for instance with full integration to Qt WebChannel
  • TreeView control included in Qt Quick Controls
  • Former “Qt Quick Enterprise Controls”, including different industrial gauges, dials and other controls, are now migrated into Qt Quick Controls and are also available for Qt Open Source users
  • Full and official support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6
  • Qt Creator 3.4
  • Deprecating Qt WebKit, Qt Script and Qt Quick 1 modules.


Learn More About Qt 5.5

To ease you into Qt 5.5 and learn more about what’s new in Qt, we ran a LIVE webinar. If you missed this, no worries! You can watch the recording here.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Simplifying 3D & leveraging OpenGL
  • Qt Quick & Multimedia related news
  • Updates to Qt WebEngine & WebView
  • Creating location aware applications
  • and much more in Qt 5.5
Build your world with Qt Download Qt 5.5