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What’s New – Qt 5.6

Long-Term Support Release | March 2016


"We understand that a stable development platform and a high-quality framework is essential for a healthy software product life-cycle. With this in mind, we've given extra attention to the quality & stability of all Qt APIs and are releasing Qt 5.6 with a 3-year Long-Term Support guarantee to give your software projects a solid foundation for the future."

– Tuukka Turunen, Director Qt R&D, The Qt Company

Read more about LTS

Your Product on All Screens

We believe that with a platform-independent software strategy you can minimize maintenance efforts and maximize focus on product differentiation while accelerating your time-to-market.

Full Windows 10 & OS X 10.11 Support

Qt applications run natively on all major desktop & mobile OS: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS. Qt 5.6 adds support for all Windows 10 devices & macOS (El Capitan). Whether you want your UI to look native or look like yours – unique and branded – device-to-device, Qt is designed with internet of everything in mind.

Cross-Platform High-DPI Scalable UIs

Qt 5.6 introduces cross-platform high-DPI support for easy configuration of new or existing Qt UIs that automatically scale across different screens sizes. Read the Qt Blog post and watch the Qt World Summit 2015 High-DPI session recording on the Qt Studios YouTube channel.

Modern Device Creation for the Internet of Things

Market demands change quickly. Being prepared is key. Create devices with Qt & keep one step ahead of the rest.

Qt Virtual Keyboard

In addition to libraries and tools, Qt for Device Creation comes with Qt Virtual Keyboard, a full virtual keyboard solution for your touch-based, joystick or scroll-wheel based UIs. In addition to wide language and keyboard layout support, you get handwriting recognition support.

Qt Blog – Qt Virtual Keyboard

Yocto Project Conformity

You can build and configure Qt and all the related utilities directly through Yocto Project tools & recipes. You can get your embedded production environment up-to-speed immediately with embedded deployment using our fully configurable and customizable pre-built “Boot to Qt” software stack.

Qt Documentation – Qt for Device Creation

Windows Host for Embedded

The Qt framework & tooling including Qt Creator IDE is all about cross-platform development, so we’ve now made it possible to also develop embedded Linux devices under Windows host computer. Your Qt projects can be directly deployed to your embedded Linux device from Qt Creator running Windows.

Qt for Device Creation – Installation Guide

Technology Previews

For your user experience innovations

Qt Labs Controls

To give you even more out-of-the-box, we’ve created a new set of UI controls for modern device UIs with a set of customizable UI controls plus templates for creating your own.

Learn more...

Qt 3D Module

The future of UIs is moving rapidly towards 3D and so is Qt with a 2nd preview of the Qt 3D module providing easy 3D graphics integration & interaction directly via convenient Qt APIs (Key contributor: KDAB).

Learn more…

Start-Up Plan Now Available

Now with Qt 5.6, small businesses can get Qt for Application Development at a reduced cost.

Summing It All Up

Qt 5.6 is a Long-Term Support release with improvements all around

Device Creation


New Technology Previews

Cross-Platform Additions

Improvements All Around


  • Deprecated – Qt Script & Enginio
  • Removed – Qt Quick 1 & QtWebkit

Don't Miss the Meet Qt 5.6 Webinar

Monday, March 21, 2016 at 6 p.m. CET (Europe) | 9 a.m. PT (Americas)

Join us to hear all about the latest Qt release, Qt 5.6. In this overview webinar we will look into all the new features around application development and
device creation, for instance Long-Term support, High-DPI support, improved Yocto project conformity and a bunch of new technology previews!

Speaker: Tuukka Ahoniemi, Product Manager, The Qt Company

Get Qt 5.6

Long-Term Support release with improvements all around