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What’s New – Qt 5.7

June 2016


Incredible user interfaces create truly significant connections between your product and your users – and successful user experiences can happen without tradeoffs on your brand.

Redefine User Experience

For the past 20 years, Qt has kept pace with market demands for user interface creation that brings you everything you need to create the best possible user experiences for your end users, be it classic desktop look-and-feel, modern touch-based embedded screens, or personalized mobile applications.

New Dimensions - Qt 3D

A fully configurable renderer with performance worthy of modern hardware. It’s flexible and extensible — no need for ugly hacks — allowing for quick implementation of any rendering pipeline you might need. Qt3D provides a generic framework for near-realtime simulations beyond rendering. Developed together with the Qt Service Partner KDAB.

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Productivity Out-of-the-Box

To give you even more out-of-the-box, we’ve created a new set of UI controls for easily creating modern device user experiences. Qt Quick Controls 2.0 gives you light-weight customizable UI controls plus templates for creating your own.

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Functionality Meets Design

Rapid prototyping and design on any platform with Qt Quick declarative UI technology and the Qt Quick Designer. With productive, professional tooling easily create stunning UIs without loss to native performance — and run them just about everywhere without rewriting.

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The Framework for Modern C++
- Ultimate Performance, Reliability & Stability

The core of Qt comes from its C++ foundation and the powerful native performance it offers you. We not only continue to support C++11 features — but we now also leverage C++11 features within the Qt framework libraries themselves — ensuring Qt is on top of the latest C++ developments, so that the framework continues to grow with your needs.

Get Ahead of the Rest

Qt Creator 4.0

Comprehensive Development Environment

Comprehensive Development Environment

Focus on the content of your application instead of managing the workflow. Usage rights are the same be it commercial or open source. Improved declarative design integrations.

Enriched Embedded Tooling

Enriched Embedded Tooling

New integrations and styling improve your embedded development workflow and accelerates your time-to-market.

New Licensing Offering

Qt 5.7 is the first release where we have unified the structure of Qt for Application Development for both commercial and open-source users — you get the same features for commercial and open source.

Previously commercial-only features are now also available for open source usage under the GPLv3 license. If you choose to use Qt under open source licensing, please be sure that you understand the obligations of the (L)GPL — before you start development.

LGPL obligations explained by Dr. Till Jaeger from JBB Rechtsanwälte

Summing It All Up – Additional Links

Qt 5.7

User Experiences

Modern C++

  • Fully leveraging C++11: supporting the use of it and using it internally as well
  • Qt 5.7 does not support older non-C++11 compilers, for them, use Qt 5.6 (LTS)

Device Creation

New Licensing Offering

Visit Qt licensing page or licensing FAQ for details


Other Technology Previews (Learn more)

  • Qt Wayland Compositor, multi-process graphics support
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) updates
  • Qt Serial Bus for device bus communication (CAN & ModBus implementation)
  • Qt SCXML, state chart framework integration
  • Qt Gamepad, a plugin-based Qt API for interfacing with gamepads

Meet Qt 5.7

Watch the on-demand screencast presentation of Qt 5.7 presented by Tuukka Ahoniemi, Product Manager, The Qt Company.

Start-Up Plan

Did you know that small businesses can get Qt for Application Development at a reduced cost?

Get Qt 5.7

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