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One framework to rule them all – Introducing Qt 5.8

January 2017

Download Qt 5.8

Faster, lighter and more powerful

Everything you love about Qt just got better with Qt 5.8 – the software development framework that enables you to create the user experiences your products deserve and your customers require. We are always working on improving Qt’s cross-platform libraries and tools ensuring it continues to accelerate your development and allowing you to bring amazing products to life on any OS and any device – regardless of size. Qt 5.8 helps you optimize your performance and reduce your footprint for your internet of things, create multi-process devices and easily integrate state machines into any Qt application. There is so much more to say about Qt 5.8 –  here are a few or our favorite updates.

Highlights of 5.8 release – What’s new?

Qt for any platform, any thing, any size

Reduce your footprint by up to 60% and optimize performance and boot time with a whole new configuration system allowing you to pick and choose exactly the features you need for your Internet of Things or embedded project. Qt is losing weight with the Qt Lite project.

Watch the on-demand webinar for Qt Lite

Create devices with multiple UI processes

Increase robustness and reliability by creating multiple UI process devices and split your screen into different applications with Qt Wayland Compositor. Enable simultaneous development and testing by different teams and reduce maintenance costs with less lines of code to test & debug.

Read the blog and watch the tutorial here

Ultimate performance, reliability and stability

Reduce risk of unexpected system behavior and create more formalized applications and validate your workflow with fast and easy state chart integration. Use Qt Creator, Qt Quick and QML to define your state machines in no time at all with Qt SCXML also featuring a whole new graphical editor.

Read the blog and watch the tutorial here

Additional highlights

Qt Quick Advancements

Create UIs with advanced graphics using Qt Quick and QML – code less while targeting a wider range of HW platforms including HW that does not have OpenGL or a GPU.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Qt Visual Studio Tools

We have replaced the Visual Studio AddInn with our new Qt Visual Studio Tools making us compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Qt WebEngine

No native engine, but you still need to embed content from the internet? QtWebEngine lets you access leading web browser platform (Chromium) through a convenient Qt API. There are several updates and fixes in Qt 5.8.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Qt Quick Controls 2.1

Create high performance UIs faster and smarter by using pre-built components in Qt Quick Controls. We have a range of new controls and are now on par with desktop applications.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

GUI Technologies in Qt

QML, Widgets, OpenGL or WebEngine? There are a lot of new updates on the graphics side of Qt, unsure of what you should use and when to use it?

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Qt & IoT: Do they fit together?

We have added a lot of new features in 5.8 relevant for IoT – from new UI, design, communication APIs to optimizing the size and performance of your device.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Even more updates in Qt 5.8

  • Code less and create advanced graphics for any type of HW with Qt Quick 2D renderer.
  • New enablers for modern graphics APIs and other ways of rendering. Qt Quick is not tied into OpenGL anymore.
  • Fully supporting both traditional Win32 applications and universal apps. Windows 10 is fully supported, in all configurations: Window 10, Windows 10 IoT Core, Windows Mobile.
  • Authenticate your applications and devices to connect to the cloud and use 3rd party web services faster with Qt Network Authentication Module.
  • Reduce start-up time and memory consumption with caching of code and data structures generated from .qml/.js files to disk. The resulting .qmlc and .jsc cache files are memory mapped.
  • Improve the accessibility and UX of your application by enabling text-to-speech with Qt.
  • Easily create applications and devices with impressive charts & graphs with the updated Qt Charts module.
  • Fast & easy integration and communication with devices and peripherals using Qt Serial Bus API.
  • Save time and create powerful embedded devices awesome UIs & UX with multiple displays with the updated Qt’s EGLFS plugin.
  • iMX.7 support.

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