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Qt 5.9 LTS—What’s new?

May 2017

Download Qt 5.9 LTS

High performance & stable new features. It’s even long term supported!

Since the release of Qt 5.6 LTS, we have introduced a lot of exciting new features — allowing you to create cutting edge software. Qt 5.9 LTS brings high performance & stability to the table and is the next go-to version of Qt — it’s even long term supported (LTS). Qt 5.9 has substantially higher performance across the board. It fully leverages the power of C++ 11, has a whole new configuration system, new graphic architecture, a new set of Qt Quick Controls, full support for multiple UI processes with Wayland and new Qt 3D features to name a few of our favorite highlights. Qt 5.9 is 100% awesome!

Qt 5.9 release video

What’s improved when moving from 5.6 LTS to 5.9 LTS

Qt 5.9 Release blog

Qt 5.9 is obviously our best release ever. Get an overview of what’s new in the release blog.

Performance Improvements

Compared to Qt 5.6 LTS, performance in Qt 5.9 has improved drastically and we have test results to prove it. Read more about it in the blog.

Highlighted Features in Qt 5.9 LTS

Since 5.6 we have added a lot of new awesome features enabling your embedded and application projects. There are so many things we can highlight. Here are a few of our favorites.

New dimensions - Qt 3D

Qt 3D makes it possible to create applications for AR/VR and high end 3D UIs for embedded systems. Read what’s new with Qt 3D in 5.9 the blog.

Qt Lite configuration

Pick & choose the features you need for your IoT or embedded project. Reduce your footprint by up to 60%, optimize performance and boot time with the new configuration system.

Real Time Operating System Support

Qt supports a wide range of operating systems. With Qt 5.9 we have extended our support for the real-time operating system (RTOS) Green Hills INTEGRITY.

Shader binary caching

With the shader binary caching introduced in Qt 5.9 it allows you to speed up the graphics initialization and boost overall performance. Read more about it.

Qt Creator 4.3 released

A new version of your favorite fully-stocked cross-platform integrated development environment for easy creation of connected devices, UIs and applications has just been released. Read all about the updates in the release blog.

Qt Quick Designer

Qt Quick Designer – a visual drag ‘n’ drop design tool for rapid UI development has been updated with new features. An integrated text editor and new styling options to name a few. Read more about all the new updates here.

Qt SCXML & State Charts

Reduce risk of unexpected system behavior with fast and easy state chart integration. Use Qt Creator, Qt Quick and QML to define your state machines with Qt SCXML and a graphical editor. Read the blog and watch the tutorial.

Qt Wayland

Create multi-process UIs & leverage your hardware with a unified UX across all system screens and separate out safety critical features with Qt Wayland.

Ready-made UI Controls

Designing UIs with buttons, switches, dials, sliders and other UI controls is made easy with Qt Quick Controls and QML. A lot has happened since Qt 5.6 and here is a summary blog with all the latest news

Watch the On-Demand
Meet Qt 5.9 Webinar

The latest Qt release, 5.9, is all about performance and stability. It is also a Long Term Supported (LTS) release to maximize the benefits for our users. Qt 5.9 LTS is a product that offers substantial improvements over the previous LTS, Qt 5.6.

More 5.9 related on-demand webinars

Qt Quick Controls 2.1

Create high performance UIs faster and smarter by using pre-built components in Qt Quick Controls. We have a range of new controls and are now on par with desktop applications.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Qt Visual Studio Tools

We have replaced the Visual Studio AddInn with our new Qt Visual Studio Tools making us compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Qt WebEngine

No native engine, but you still need to embed content from the internet? QtWebEngine lets you access leading web browser platform (Chromium) through a convenient Qt API. There are several updates and fixes in Qt 5.8.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Qt Quick Scene Graph Advancements

The Qt graphics stack – and first and foremost Qt Quick – had the most significant changes since its introduction in Qt 5.0.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Qt for Automation

Join us to learn more about using Qt for automation projects. In this on-demand webinar we cover highlights using Qt in automation, the Qt automation architecture as well as a preview of MQTT, KNX and other M2M protocols.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Qt Lite Overview 

Qt Lite is a new module in Qt and features a new configuration system enabling developers to define the content they need for modules in more detail without having to include unnecessary features.

Learn more through the on-demand webinar

Highlighted new features in 5.7-5.9

User Experiences

  • Qt 3D is now easily combined with Qt Quick
  • Qt Quick Controls 2 – New collection of UI controls for embedded and mobile
  • Improvements to Qt WebEngine with support for DRM enablers such as the Widevine plugin and updated backend to Chromium 56
  •  Improve the accessibility and UX of your application by enabling text-to-speech with Qt
  • New charts & graphs with the updated Qt Charts module
  • New graphics backends such as OpenVG and support for Direct X 12D
  • Compute shaders are now supported in QOpenGLShader and QOpenGLShaderProgram also with OpenGL ES 3.1 and newer making it easier to create cool effects

Modern C++

  • Fully leveraging C++11: supporting the use of it and using it internally as well

Device Creation

  • Improved compliancy with Yocto Project
  • Qt Wayland Compositor, multi-process graphics support
  • Enhanced virtual keyboard features and improvements

New Licensing Offering

  • Visit Qt licensing page or licensing FAQ for details
  • Upgraded from LGPLv2.1 to LGPLv3 for open source Qt
  • Qt Creator 4.0 and other tooling licensed under commercial/GPL
  • Open-sourced new components under GPLv3: Qt Charts, Qt Data Visualization, Qt Virtual Keyboard, Qt Purchasing

Connectivity capabilities

  • Qt Serial Bus for device bus communication (CAN & ModBus implementation)
  • Support for Bluetooth 4 and BTLE.
  • Overall enhanced and improved Qt Network and NFC APIs


  • Qt Creator 4
  • Improved Qt Quick Designer – integrated Qt Quick Controls 2.0 – rapid UI prototyping
  • Qt SCXML, state chart framework integration


  • Reduce start-up time and memory consumption with caching of code and data structures generated from .qml/.js files to disk. The resulting .qmlc and .jsc cache files are memory mapped.
  • Added support for ahead-of-time generation of QML type caches
  • OpenGL shader program binaries used by QtGui (QPainter’s GL paint engine) and the Qt Quick scenegraph are now cached on disk, improving application startup and view initialization times.

New supported OSs and HW

  • Fully supporting both traditional Win32 applications and universal apps. Windows 10 is fully supported, in all configurations: Window 10, Windows 10 IoT Core, Windows Mobile.
  • QNX 7 is supported
  • Green Hills Integrity RTOS supported
  • iMX.7 support.
  • Optimization for 64-bit ARM

Other new features and modules

  • Qt Gamepad, a plugin-based Qt API for interfacing with gamepads
  • Qt Quick 2D renderer is now the default backend for Qt Quick. Qt Quick is not tied up to OpenGL anymore.
  • Updates to Qt Location such as the new mapbox plugin and other performance improvements

Tech previews

  • Authenticate your applications and devices to connect to the cloud and use 3rd party web services with Qt Network Authentication Module.
  • Qt Remote Objects – A module that allows you to easily share QObject interfaces (Signals/Slots/Properties) between processes or devices
  • Qt Network Authentication (TP2) – Provides support for OAuth1 & OAuth2
  • Qt Speech (TP2) – Continues as tech preview, issues with packaging on Linux resolved, MinGW now supported.

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